Old Style Is Still Style

As I continue my search through the depths of different kinds of hair tools, I still wonder if a classic is a classic for a reason. One thing that does seem true is curling irons come in way more sizes than wands do, and that can be much more useful for a variety of reasons than the more fixed options you find with curling wands.

However, there are a ton of different types and a variety of heat settings, and that can make the search a little daunting. For instance, the Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control comes in at least seven different sizes which means it’s handy for just about anything you’re looking for in style.

Solid Gold, Baby

Ok it’s not solid gold, it’s plated. But it is real gold! I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a gold curling iron before, and these look majorly flashy. I don’t know if the material actually does something for the health of your curls or if it’s just for looks, but regardless it gets my attention.

Tipping Them Off

In order to get the right twist out of a curl, you have to be able to hold the iron at a right angle and roll it up your hair. To do this, you have to safely hold the iron and the hair, and without a location other than a handle curling irons are basically impossible to use. This one not only has a tip that is cool to the touch, it’s an oversized one that can help clumsy people like me avoid doing something stupid.

Real Heat When You Need It

Curling wands don’t wrap all the way around the hair like some of the newer styling tools do, so some people need a lot of heat in order to get their hair to stay. This one heats up to 428F which I know from personal experience is easily enough to handle the toughest of hair types.

Leave the “Ouches” at the Door

When curling your hair, you can end up in pain in ways other than burning yourself. In fact, if you have a lot of hair like I do you can have pain just because holding the iron for a long time is exhausting on your hand. If you go with this model, you’ll notice the easy grip handle that is padded so your hand takes less stress. It’s also very lightweight which makes it easy to use for longer periods of time.

Standing Up

When you’re dealing with tools that get hot, a stand is a great way to make sure it’s not going to burn you or something around it. This iron has a built in stand that flips out from the body, and then the iron rests on it. Nothing hot sits on your countertop, so you’re not likely to end up with a burned surface.

What’s In a Size?

I wasn’t joking when I said this iron comes in about seven different sizes. Whether you’re looking for itty bitty curls that start at 3/8 of an inch or massive barrel curls that hit 2 inches, you can get it all from this curling iron. Some people buy several sizes because it gives them the ability to create a varied look throughout the style. Whatever size you think will create the look you want, its available here.

Right Price, Right Size

No matter what size curling iron you use to style your hair, they all run at about the same price. None of them are expensive, and for about $30 you can have just about any iron of your choice. That’s less than a third of the price for a useful flat iron, and less than a lot of professional style curling wands.

Long Lasting, As It Should Be

A breath of fresh air about this iron and its varied sizes is they last. There are people who say they have had theirs for going on a decade. TEN years! I didn’t know it was possible for a styling tool to last that long!

Be Careful with the Hot Heat

While these babies have staying power, you really have to be careful when you’re using them. They’re supposed to get hot, but that can result in burned hair if you’re not careful. There are a lot of people who ended up with hair that got a little charred because they didn’t test out the lower heat settings first. Just because you need a certain amount of heat from one tool, it doesn’t mean you’ll need it on all of them. Be careful or the smell of burned hair could fill the air, and it’s not an attractive fragrance (I know)!

More Than Enough Good

While I’m a firm believer that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and I worry about heat spikes, this hair styling tool offers a lot of benefits for a relatively small price tag. There are some concerns about hair getting fried, but as long as you make sure not to go right to the top with heat in the beginning, I can’t see it being a problem. If I decide to go with an old fashioned iron, I will definitely be looking this way.

About That’s Foxy

I may not be the most technical minded person when it comes to curling irons, but I have tried and researched enough irons to call myself an expert in usability.

Until now, the lack of personal experience and honest reviews is what always bothered me when looking for a new iron. So, I decided to fill the gap myself.
I hope you will find all the information you need, and if I can help you save a penny or two, I will.
That's Foxy!