If you like a change now and then, or just want to do something that little bit different for a special occasion, a waver or something like a “styler” may be what you’re looking for.
Some of the models I have reviewed here may look like they belong in a lab at NASA, but you’ll be amazed at the results they provide. Go get that “out of the box” look!

Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver

Pro Beauty Speed Waver

While the Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver has all the bells and whistles a lot of people want, it’s not all straightforward. It does a really good job of putting waves in hair, but it can also burn the hair and sap it of its moisture at the same time.

Curlz Blue by Xtava

Xtava Curlz

The Xtava Curlz doesn’t have a long clamp that holds your hair on the iron, and it isn’t a wand where you can start your curl anywhere. Instead it has a guide that you wrap the curls through. You start at the base of the iron and wrap your hair through the guide until it gets as far down the iron as possible for the length of your hair.

BaBylissPRO MiraCurl Steamtech

BabylissPro Miracurl Steamtech

The BabylissPro Miracurl Steamtech which comes with a titanium curling chamber provides professional style in a super cool, new-fangled way. Instead of wrapping hair around the barrel, the barrel carefully draws the hair into a chamber and pulls it around to curl. That’s a huge difference from previous methods, and it’s much less likely to burn you.

Revlon Bubble Curling Wand

Revlon Curl Collection Bubble

While the Revlon Curl Magic Bubble looks different, it still has a ceramic core that makes so many curling wands useful. It gets the consistent heat necessary for the right amount of curling, but considering the difference in thickness at different points of the iron: how well does it distribute it?

Bed Head Deep Waver

Bed Head Deep Waver

The movements you make with your hand while using this device is not like a straightening iron, in fact it’s a whole lot more like a crimper. You take the iron and place it on the piece of hair you want to style. Then, you clamp and leave it for a few seconds. The result is

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

The Infiniti Pro Curl Secret by Conair is different from regular curling irons because it has an enclosed chamber to pull the hair through, which is different to a lot of other options I’ve come across. Basically everything that gets hot is held within the circular chamber, and the hair gets pulled through the device.

About That’s Foxy

I may not be the most technical minded person when it comes to curling irons, but I have tried and researched enough irons to call myself an expert in usability.

Until now, the lack of personal experience and honest reviews is what always bothered me when looking for a new iron. So, I decided to fill the gap myself.
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