When you’re getting ready to get your curl on it can be difficult to decide where to start. Just having an iron and hair isn’t enough. If you’re like me, those two things just end in broken curls that turn into frizzy messes and fall out right away. Thanks to all my research (and a few conversations with friends and family), I have come up with some tips on creating and keeping those curls.

Don’t Keep It Clean

No matter how long your hair is, the natural oils you have make it easier to get a style to stick. Whether you’re trying to add color or curls, if you want it to stay it’s better on hair that has had time to become oily. If you can, wash your hair (at least) a few hours before so it has time to dry and enjoy some of its own natural texture. If you can wash it the night before so it’s ready for the next morning, even better. Dirty hair does way better for long lasting style than hair that was recently washed or blow dried.

Add Texture If You Need It

Another good way to get your hair curl ready is to add some dry products. This way, your hair will gain some added texture so it’s “iron” ready. You shouldn’t allow it to get damp with sprays or use anything with alcohol like hair spray.

Products like dry shampoo make all the difference if your hair looks limp and lifeless. One great dry shampoo I know of is Batiste which you just spray on to the crown of your head. Then work it through with your fingers. By the time you’re done, your hair will feel fuller and less smooth, and that will make it easier to curl.

Other ways you can do it are with products that dry quickly but won’t leave your hair too oily. Argan oil does a great job of not only adding texture but also protecting your hair or, you can use a light mousse. This makes it easier for the iron to grab the hair. I can’t stress enough though, MAKE SURE THE PRODUCT DRIES BEFORE YOU PUT THE HOT TOOL NEAR YOUR HEAD. Seriously guys, sizzle is a bad thing!

If You HAVE TO Wash It

If you just don’t want to leave the house without washing your hair, I get it. I hate feeling like my hair is dirty, and I’m more likely to throw it up in a ponytail than try to make something of it. You can get away with washing it if you don’t use a whole lot of shampoo or conditioner. I’ve only added this tip so you know you can still get curl if you use shampoo, but remember they probably won’t last as long.

Set It And Forget It

Once your hair is curled, you can go find your bottle of trusty hairspray and give your mane a good dousing if you want. I don’t like hairspray because I hate the crispy, stiff feeling but some of the newer ones do a really good job of holding while staying light.

If you like the way it looks, then it’s totally up to you. I always try to stay away from alcohol-based hairsprays because I feel like they dry my hair out (because that’s what alcohol does). It’s all good as long as it doesn’t go on your hair until after you’re done with the irons.

Forget Lifting and Separating!

Listen. Curling is a lot of work yo! I have spent hours trying to get it right only to hate the look when I’m done. That being said, I will share with you a secret I learned that will unlock ALL OF THE CURL FUTURES for you.

DON’T separate your hair before you curl it.

This has majorly upped my curl game in a way I can’t describe. The difference is crazy.

Even though I still need more practice, I can curl in way less time. I curl from the top of my hair down, and it gives me a better idea of where I need real curls and where I can get away with some loose waves. Seriously kids, I am such a happy camper!

Clip It!

If you’re worried about curls staying while working on other parts of your hair, don’t just let them hang there. When you’ve got the spiral on, wrap it round your finger a few times because this helps to reinforce the shape. Then, you can use a clip to hold it on top of your head.

No Matter The Length

No matter the length of your hair, all these tips can help you get the style you want without all that much work. Curling still takes time, but it doesn’t have to take an eternity. Plus, it doesn’t have to be the most frustrating thing in the world for you. If I was able to make things work, you certainly can too!

About That’s Foxy

I may not be the most technical minded person when it comes to curling irons, but I have tried and researched enough irons to call myself an expert in usability.

Until now, the lack of personal experience and honest reviews is what always bothered me when looking for a new iron. So, I decided to fill the gap myself.
I hope you will find all the information you need, and if I can help you save a penny or two, I will.
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