Every woman wants to see the reflection of a beautiful, bright, fresh, and healthy complexion in the mirror. But the years do not spare anyone. There are various procedures for rejuvenating the skin slowing down the aging process. You can learn about the correct skincare and essential rejuvenation procedures from Barbara Baruth, cosmetologist and the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics owner.

What skin rejuvenation methods are there?

The elastic support of the facial skin decreases due to the degradation of collagen fibers. Thus, fine and deep wrinkles appear. It weakens the deep tissue of the facial muscles. The surface of the face may show irregularities in color and structure. You can't stop them for years, but cosmetic medicine has progressed. Today there are a lot of skin rejuvenation procedures. These are complex procedures: facial peeling, bio revitalization, mesotherapy, filler injection, botox, etc.

How often do we need to resort to such procedures?

Depending on the skin's condition, age, the problem we face, we determine the frequency of procedures and the complexity of treatment. For example, superficial peeling - 6-10 sessions, with an interval of 10-14 days; revitalization - 5-6 sessions, with a gap of 10-14 days; filler injection - as needed.

How much do the rejuvenation procedures cost?

The price varies depending on the brand of the product used and the quantity required. For example, a 20% facial peel costs 530 dollars (one session); 30% facial peeling - 880 dollars; mesotherapy of the face - 605 dollars; mesotherapy of the neck - 705 dollars; hyaluronic acid injection - from 2,700 dollars.

What should we do to ensure that the effect of the proceedings lasts as long as possible?

For effect to last for a more extended period, it is recommended that you take proper care of your skin. The skin of the face should be cleansed, toned, and moisturized daily. Skincare products should be chosen according to age. We use the cream corresponding to the skin type (dry, normal, mixed, or oily).

It is necessary to use different creams in the cold and hot seasons. Once every 3-4 months, it is essential to change the cream we use so that the skin does not get used to it. A vital skincare procedure is an exfoliation. It should be done once or twice a week. It eliminates dead cells, allowing better absorption of creams and other skincare products.

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