Guiding Your Curls One Ringlet At A Time

I like to have control over my look as much as I like to be able to mix things up, so something reliable that stays mostly the same every time has some unquestionable value. As far as flat and straight irons go, the stranger they look the more rigid they tend to be. Just about every iron or tool I’ve seen that looks “out there” doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in the way it styles. Again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is a rule of thumb I’ve picked up.

That being said, the Curlz by Xtava iron looks pretty strange, but not as much as other “bubble” irons I’ve looked into. At least this one looks like it should make curls even if it doesn’t look like a traditional iron.

Curlz Professional Spiral-Curler by Xtava
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Guiding Your Style

This iron doesn’t have a long clamp that holds your hair on the iron, and it isn’t a wand where you can start your curl anywhere. Instead it has a guide that you wrap the curls through. You start at the base of the iron and wrap your hair through the guide until it gets as far down the iron as possible for the length of your hair. I think this is a great idea because it means your curls are the same every time.

Small Grip

Unlike a lot of wands that require the user to carefully wrap the hair around without anything to hold it in place, this one has a small clip at the bottom which makes it easier to steady the hair before wrapping it around the barrel. You just clip your hair into the small holder at the bottom and wrap upward through the guide.

Grip It Good

The handle of the wand which is very close to the actual hot iron is insulated so it doesn’t burn you when you’re holding on to it. It’s designed to be comfortable so you can hold on tight without losing any skin!

Colorful Curlz

One of the less important but fun elements of this iron is it comes in three different colors. You can get it in blue, pink or orange. All the colors are the same size barrel and the same power, they just offer a little bit of different flare depending on what you’re looking for.

Inexpensive Curlz

Whether you want flexibility or not, this iron runs at about $20. I can afford to have more than one iron at that price. In fact, I can afford to have a bunch of irons at that price!

Guiding Through Different Styles

Even though this wand doesn’t really have a lot in the way of flexibility, what you lack with freedom on the barrel you can make up for with the amount of time you use it. The longer you leave hair curled around the barrel, the tighter the curls you’ll get. Obviously you need to be careful how long you leave it in your hair so it doesn’t burn, but you can get the curls you want by giving it a few extra seconds wrapped around the mechanism.

Loves Your Hair So Much It Keeps It!

Ouch! While the idea on this model is great, the execution is not so much. It’s constructed primarily of plastic, and the plastic can grab your hair instead of letting go when it’s time to make the curl. I can only stand so much pain while I’m styling before I give up and move on to the next product. I have a lot of hair, but that doesn’t mean I want some of it ripped out. No siree, Bob!

Great Idea – Execution Could Be Better

I think the idea of a curler with guides that show you where to put your hair when you’re trying to get in the swing of curling is a really good especially if you’re new to using a hair tool like this. There are people who have “niggles” with it, and based on this I don’t think it would work well for people (like me) who have very long hair unless you don’t mind having curls half way up your head.

If you have mid-length hair, are looking for your first curling wand or don’t need an awful lot of heat to get the curls you want, curl over here and make the iron yours.

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