The New York Fashion Week’s Spring collections delivered a mesmerizing hair and makeup looks that were heavily focused on personality. Individuality was made the central focus during the runway. The model lineup was made up of women of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes including plus size models.

Seeing the impressive diversity of models on stage was like a breath of fresh air, filling in everyone’s senses with probably the best models around. Looking back on the spring collections, the show gave rise to both playful and practical. Here are five striking hair and makeup trends that emerged on the runways.

1. Hair for days

While bobs are dominating the streets outside the New York Fashion Week, there is one hairstyle which is making its comeback. With a rush of effortlessness, the runway saw the return of hip-length hair. Different hairstyles are donned such as waist-grazing ponytails and mile-long braids. Hairstylists are challenging how low they can go with this season’s sleek hair look.

Nicki Minaj brought the knee-reaching hair length trend, front row and ended the fashion week by donning a cascade of long blonde hair. That said, the Rapunzel hair look requires vitamin E and anti-inflammatories which will help hair to grow thicker and healthier. Dry dustings once every six weeks can also help to keep frayed ends out of sight.

2. Dramatic eyeliner

Eye-level statements took a different turn with wonderful pops of pastel and “fingerprint” smudges with rounded out complemented by glittering wings. The runway saw makeup artists combining blocks of bold hues on and around the lids. This shows how much makeup has moved towards a direction of enjoying colors and making bold statements.

This bold eyeliner look is also known as the “banana” as it created by curving a crease into the eyelid. Liner or shadow can be applied to create a wide-eyed effect. The bold statement made using these eyelids adds much-needed colors to the runway.

3. Perfectly imperfect lips

Are you tired of smudging your lipstick and having to constantly reapply it after a while? The latest beauty trend is to have imperfect looking lips. The just snogged lips are an original idea for smeared and messed-up lips. The lip look features diffused edges and subtle colors. You can forget about your lip liners and your favorite matte lipstick.

The makeup artists purposely try to move around the lipstick, blurring, fading and even smearing it over the model’s mouth. There’s a distinct sexiness to this look because it looks like you’ve been kissing someone.

4. Over the top manicure

You might want to make an appointment at your local nail salon now because statement manicure is in trend this year. There were different nail looks shown during the fashion week which includes checkerboard nails, pressed flower designs and chainmail accessories. If you have a stack of cash to burn, you can upgrade to the diamond nails manicure.

While nail has always been neutral, this season’s looks has taken it up a notch with extreme designs and materials. Think Swarovski crystals, hand-painted miniature works of arts and diamond nail designs.

5. More diversity

The designers from fashion week used the runways to send a powerful message about feminism and inclusivity. Fashion is used as an important channel to break down barriers pertaining age, size or religion. Models in their 70s and plus sized model, Ashley Graham graced the runway. Fashion has been utilized as a form of self-expression and a bold statement on the runway.

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