Being unable to style fine, silken, straight strands of hair into sexy, voluminous, and voluptuous waves is a common lament by many Asian girls all around the world. Sometimes, even all the hairspray, home remedies, or old wives’ tales about how to style Asian hair into waves just doesn’t work – it’s almost as though your silken crowning glory resists any form of upheaval!

So abandon the monomaniacal experimentation – there are ways to accomplish this (even if only for several hours). Read on and learn.

Your Stylist is Your Friend

Your personal hairstylist is your best friend! As he or she will know your hair to a tee, always ask him or her for tips – they will know your hair better than anybody in this world can ever hope to. Have them style your hair with layers around your face, so as not to weigh down your hair that is already prone to staying limp. Make sure that your layers match your facial profile, and are just the right length for you to curl.

Prepare the Night Before

If you intend to style your waves with a curler in preparation for a night out, it would be best to wash your hair the night before; this way, your waves should hold longer than usual. Also remember to use a volumizing shampoo or a shampoo that is specially formulated for Asian hair.

Boost your Strands with Volume

Boost damp hair with a thickening or curl boosting spray for that extra “oomph” and lift; you may want to try TIGI Superstar Queen For a Day Thickening Spray, which is perfect for that purpose. Do this before doing the arduous work of curling with hot tools.

Get to Curling!

Apply hair spray at this prior to working on your hair, just to make sure your silken strands have other ideas, and keep them in firmly place. Using the right curling or waving iron for your hair makes all the difference, especially for your fine hair.

Of course, we have plenty of ideas for you as for your choice of curling- or waving iron . Make sure to use low temperature levels so as to prevent damage to your scalp and your already fragile hair; as repetitive as it may seem, unclamp and reapply for as many times until you get the desired effect.

Finish off your hard labor with another spritz of hair spray for even better hold, and avoid touching your hair at all costs… same goes for anybody else who attempts to do so!

Styling your fine hair in sexy and voluminous curls and waves is not impossible in the world of styling; all it takes is a lot of effort, patience, and persistence. You CAN in fact have them – even for just a few hours. The looks and head turns you will get will make all the effort in working on them all worthwhile. Besides, no one will probably notice that your waves aren’t forever when you’re too busy tearing up the dance floor. Happy styling!

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