I’m not a big believer in products that supposedly help keep your curls. I’m a believer in using the right tools as well as the right amount of heat as infrequently as possible. While that works for me, it doesn’t work for everyone and there are things that hair sometimes needs in order to hold the curl. I can’t stand it when hair is too stiff to run your hand through, so you won’t see a lot of gels and hair sprays in the list below. In fact, my tips will give you little or no crunch at all.

Moisture Is Your Friend – Sort of

Have you ever spent forever doing your hair just to walk out of the house and have it instantly attacked by major amounts of humidity? Talk about frustrating! Anyway, moisture in the air can ruin your curls but moisture in your hair can actually save them.

Yes I understand that sounds like it makes no sense but I assure you it does. When you’re trying to get your hair as healthy as possible before you put ALL THE CURLS in it, find a shampoo and conditioner that have just the right amount of moisture for you. Pick a product that will lock in some wetness without making your hair oily, and you’ll be as good as golden. And curly!

Moisturize your hair

Or Really Go Against The Grain

I hate blow drying my hair. Really, I hate it! My hair is thick and big, and it takes forever to get it under control with a dryer. Instead, I actually changed my routine so I could air dry my locks. This meant I wasn’t adding extra “pouf” to a head of hair that’s already difficult to control. Plus, I’ve learned that by doing this your hair has enough time to make its own oils which helps while you’re styling, and it means your curls will last longer.

The Poo Is Becoming Poo Poo

Another kind of weird way people are getting the texture they need is to skip shampoo. Shampoo can be abrasive on hair, no matter how gentle you think yours is. It’s designed to strip your hair of oils in order to get the dirt out, but a lot of the time all it does is deplete the oils you need in order to get the look you want. If you don’t use shampoo, you’re making sure the texture of your hair stays smooth. This makes it easier to curl because it’s clean but still “dirty”, and it helps your style stay for longer WITHOUT heavy products.
Wet, condition, Done! (Well, almost – you still have to curl).

Set It Instead Of Spraying It

Find a setting spray without alcohol if you think your hair needs more hold. Some of them even have heat protection. Most hair sprays have alcohol in them, and while it will make your curls stiff to ensure they hold, you have to deal with stiff curls all day.

What alcohol actually does is the opposite of what we want. It dries your hair out and saps it of moisture. The thing you really have to remember is to make sure the setting spray dries before you curl. While moisture in your hair is a good thing, moisture on your hair can cause major sizzle if you aren’t careful. The last thing you need is to fry your hair in the name of protecting it!

Pin It Up, Baby

One more trick that can help you skip products is to use your friend the bobby pin when you’re done with the creating a curl. If you wrap it around itself and pin it to your head, you’re actually giving it more time to set. When you take the pins out, your curls will be tighter which means they will stay curly for longer.

Make Them Stay The Softer Way

You don’t have to have stiff curls in order to get the style you want. In fact you can have loose, bouncy curls or tighter curls that still have some movement. Stay away from heavy hairspray or other products designed to simply hold rather than enhance, and you’ll never have to deal with a crunchy head of hair again!

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